Updated: Jan 23

PURE had the pleasure to be at this specialised one-day road trip in Belgium held on Sunday October 3, 2021 for 60 Porsche enthousiasts. The event was hosted by the cool guys of AB Events. Enjoy the aftermovie!

The day in a nutshell Start: Ordingen Castle in Sint Truiden 9 am

Lunch: Bioul Castle in Anhée 12.30 pm

Finish line: Stiemerheider hotel in Genk 16 pm

The Porsche GT Tour 2021 all started as a typical Belgian Autum rainy day...

A black Porsche is already something, but this one you barely see...

How do you call a Porsche fanatic? - a Porschist ! Next to driving fun and frienddship, some of the goodies for the paticipants...

About the organisers: AB EVENTS - Belgian SuperCar Events

Established in 2013 by young car enthusiasts, AB Events are one of the leading supercar event organisations in Belgium. Their most successful event - the Haspengouw Tour - is one of the biggest automotive events in Belgium. It has helped them specialise in high-end automotive experiences. "Our goal isn't getting to the destination as quickly as possible but to organise a journey that all of our participants will enjoy and remember". Read more on

PURE is a proud Partner of this SuperTeam in 2021. Thank you Niels & Dries.

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