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Give your life the happy boost To live in Ibiza is a taste of paradise says it all!

This article applies to people who are looking to discover what it is to live in Ibiza. We will provide an overview looking at the beauty and nature of the island with its enchanting magic. We will also check practical daily facts that our customers often ask us about.

We will provide many tips and suggestions if you’re new to Ibiza. Explore the collection of related articles to get more insight about a theme.

Geography The magic begins as soon as you leave the airport or the ferry pier. It unfolds as you pass through the landscapes and the different areas of the island. You quickly feel that you have created a real distance from the continent and its problems. We arrive in a peaceful terroir, our tensions are already easing and dissolving. Ibiza is Mediterranean mid-size island with a surface of 572km2 offering 210 km of coast and 62 beaches. The north-south distance is 25 km and east-west 45 km. It is large enough that you feel free to roam, not limited or blocked. Landscapes and village atmospheres are varied from wild countryside with its red earth, farming as it was times gone by, to world-class cosmopolitan luxury. No one will claim to know all the nooks and crannies, the small roads and the dirt paths, all the beaches and coves. Some lovely places are accessible only by boat or by steep paths.

Ibiza´s spectacle of nature

It is so good to reconnect with nature, especially the abundant nature of Ibiza. The northern part of the island is particularly green and preserved with its lush pine forests. The journey to Portinatx is an experience with this winding road in midst valleys and along the coast, discovering steep cliffs plunging into the sea in dark blue and turquoise colors.

The countryside in the center of the island with its characteristic red earth seems to have stayed in the peaceful atmosphere of the past. With its flat roofed white fincas (farmhouses), its olive trees with shapes twisted by the ages, figs, carob, lemon and orange trees. A particular marvel is the almond blooms flowering around February.

There are places rumored to be magic on their own, like Atlantis, Punta Galera, and especially the emblematic rock-island of Es Vedra. The protected nature sanctuary is encamped a few hundred meters from the shore close to Cala d´Hort. It is customary to sit at sunset and contemplate the unique spectacle of the sun fading away behind Es Vedra. These landscapes emanating a timeless serenity participate as much in the magic of the island as all the attractions of civilization. The rich soil sustains a various flora: herbs, vegetables and beautiful flowers. This is a dream-country for healthy-eating addicts and vegetarians. The sweet anise flavored Ibiza plant liqueur “Hierbas” is renowned for raising the spirits. It has been produced by Ibiza farmers for over 200 years.

For wildlife, there is a profusion of birds of all categories which accompany with their songs and their graceful flights the places of the island. A particular bird: in the Salinas salt flats, you can spot Pink flamingos... Your path will cross the omnipresent lizard and gecko, the symbols of Ibiza. Both feel at home here. The first one likes hot sunlight, the second will peek at night. Both are quite shy and will not harm humans. It should be noted that there are no dangerous or poisonous animals. Maybe you encounter some pink jellyfish on some beaches. These 5 to 15cm small sea creatures can be stingy but they are totally passive, they will never attack humans.

The Legendary Mild Climate of Ibiza

Is it always sunny in Ibiza? Yes, apart from the necessary and beneficial rainy days and thunderstorms... We are talking about more than 330 days of sunshine a year. The temperature is on average 22 ° over the year with very mild winters and warm summers. There is no acute shortage of water. Springs and groundwater supplies for the consumption and land irrigation are tightly controlled. To help sustain the large holiday crowds in popular areas like Playa d´en Bossa sea water is treated and partially de-salted.

Urbanisation A few words about the town planning of the island: the law is very protective, the building process in Ibiza is very regulated. For example, you cannot build skyscrapers, which preserves the view of the horizon wherever you go. Low houses with one or two floors are the norm, buildings of several floors are only allowed in cities and their periphery.

The three main cities are: Ibiza (Eivissa) the political capital hosting the regional government the “Consell”, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio. Ibiza town is flanked by its old fortified town “Dalt Vila” which was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. Any serious tourist should visit this marvelous site by climbing the narrow streets and the alleys up to the 16th century church and its magnificent viewpoint.


A peaceful cultural patchwork

The rich history of Ibiza participates greatly in its palpable magic as it was ruled by many civilizations: Phoenicians, Romans, then Carthaginians, Moors from North Africa and finally Catalans from the Iberic mainland. Located between Europe and Africa, the island has always been a strategic, political, economic and commercial platform.

On Ibiza there no or very little army presence. There is only a soft patriotism as more than half of the people living in Ibiza originate from around the world. They come mostly from Europe and speak multiple languages. The official languages are Catalan and Spanish. There is also the Ibicenco dialect only spoken by indigenous families, it is not a written language. You can hear mostly English, Italian, German, French, and more than 40 other foreign languages. ​​

The hippy markets of Es Canar, Las Dalias in San Carles, Cala Llena and Hippodrome of San Jordi on Saturdays, are colored and friendly fairs where you find all kinds of second-hand and hand crafted objects.

Festive Ibiza

For those who do not know it well, Ibiza has an exclusive reputation for being an eccentric and exuberant party place, with dance floors crowded with young people in a trance. But it is much more than that. This party scene indeed exists in the summer in a localized way in the famous clubs such as Pacha, Ushuaïa, Hï, Amnesia, Privilege and others.

But this festive aspect of the island is not only the prerogative of these large gathering places. Many other places offer events whether musical or cultural. Here a few examples: the sunset promenades like the one at Café del Mar in San Antonio, the Sunday drumming on Benirras beach, the annual music festival on Cala Llonga beach, events like fashion shows in beautiful places like Destino or Atzaro. Each city has its festive programs: the Medieval and the jazz festival in Dalt Vila (Ibiza old town), religious and folk parades in Santa Eulalia. And of course, many of the private parties take place in luxurious properties, where music and dancing often take a big part.

All what you need - Ibiza Logistics Is there something missing on Ibiza? To date no. Thanks to the constant traffic of ferries carrying goods daily from the continent, and numerous cargo flights for time-sensitive food, the island is supplied with an abundance of all kinds of goods. There are supermarkets and small groceries shops everywhere.

If you have to order a particular object, it will be delivered in the following few days by the national postal service “correo” or by private carriers present on the island.

For child education Ibiza can offer two types: the standard Spanish public system or private international schools. The international systems on offer are the UK “BA” and the French “Baccalaureat”. General security in Ibiza is quite good. It gets a bit tenser in the high-season months July and August. Standard precautions are advised as for example to lock your house and when parking your car to remove items on display inside.

The healthcare services are of good quality with 3 regional public healthcare points and some private clinics. The main public hospital “Can Misses” in Ibiza is a large modern and competent infrastructure.

Healthy Food in Ibiza

Partly inherited from the hippie culture and its vision for vegetarianism, vegan diet and natural food, there are several organic vegetable growers who sell their produce daily on small markets and at the covered market in the city centers. In the countryside markets can be held once a week as the Forada Farmer´s market, or twice a week. Similarly, there are many health-food shops.

Ibiza Gastronomy

Speaking about food, the quality level of restaurants in Ibiza has greatly risen in the last decade. In every village you find foodie gems run by passionate chefs, with romantic terraces or gardens to enjoy. The offer is now very diverse from traditional Spanish to pizza, Sushi, Mexican or Peruvian with everything in between. Most eateries take pride to serve fresh meals sometimes with excellent local ingredients.


Ibiza Spiritual We can no longer count the number of yoga teachers, alternative energy practitioners, shamans, therapists, masseurs ready to give classes and treatments in Ibiza. This diverse group has moved from their former country to a haven of peace and a place to live freely to practice their art. The spiritual movement is part of the charm of Ibiza. This particular vibration can be found for example at the Atzaro Spirit Festival with its stands and people of all ages in search of healthy life, spirituality and natural therapeutic practices. This current of return to natural values ​​is a modern trend that realizes particularly on Ibiza, more than it does for example in Mallorca or Menorca. Ecological movements like Greenpeace are present on the island, protesting when necessary against oil drilling wells off Ibiza coasts or against the installation of 5G antennas. Waste recycling, water consummation and the reduction (or even the ban) of plastic are becoming major discussions themes here. The Rise Up movement has brought together many people by organizing several large gatherings which aim to make the island a flagship example for a society of sharing, friendship, well-being and awareness. The ecological and spiritual way of life are alive and well in Ibiza.


Winter in ibiza

Seaside villages like Portinatx or Es Canar live intensely in summer and seem to go to sleep out of season. These are pleasant places to have a stroll in the winter as winter in Ibiza is another experience: the beaches are deserted, many shops and restaurants are closed, the population decreases to a bare minimum. We find ourselves enjoying a calmer, relax and very pleasant life, far from the tensions and stress coming from international news. In October, some rains start to fall and seem to clean and purify the island from the energies which would have accumulated during the summer. The true identity of the island is reveled after the ebb tide of the tourists. Nature takes back its rights and residents prepare for a few months of peace. It is the time to go hiking and climbing. You can undertake to walk to the top of Mount Sant Josep de sa Talaia which culminates at 274m offering a panoramic view of the whole island.

Over time, the number of year-round residents increased to 140.000. Society is diversifying, becoming more complete with the opening of new businesses and new places. Cultural events can be attended all year round, for example at the Santa Eulalia convention center, Ibiza Theater, the Diaro de Ibiza (a major newspaper) conference and performance hall. There are also many local radios broadcasting the famous lounge, chill out and deep house music, present in most bars and restaurants.

Ibiza Magic

The magic of Ibiza is perceived more than an intellectual analysis. It is a general feeling, an impression of all that constitutes the well-being to be in Ibiza. All these influences, factors and parameters which, whether historical, architectural, natural or human merge and combine to produce the quintessence of the magic Balearic mark of Ibiza. This is the reason why so many people love Ibiza, come here and stay.

Most visitors return to their countries, to their professional and family activities with a small tear in the eye, pledging to be back as soon as possible. Some return and sometimes decide to stay and settle. It is the crush, the “here and nowhere else” that will trigger in a person the desire to change their life and to embrace a different lifestyle, while remaining only a few hours flight away from their native country.

You should now be ready to confidently plan your next journey, and perhaps be tempted to stay, or who knows, to buy a home in Ibiza :)

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