Updated: Jan 22

We had the pleasure of participating in the 29th Swiss British Car Metting which took place in Morges on the shores of Lake Geneva to share our passion for vintage UK automobiles and some exceptional GTs.

This year had a special flavor, it was Aston Martin Geneva, partner of the event, which to our great surprise invited us and made us the pleasure of participating with them. We thought that was already great, there but when we arrived on site, our two vehicles were chased to place them directly at the highlight of the event, next to the last DBS and among ten other Aston models. How to miss such an entrance ehne one wanted to be discreet :-) We really appreciated the gesture which will remain a memorable memory for us.

1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Spider Once our vehicles were on display, we were able to walk the many aisles and we were surprised by this universe created only for a single day: passionate people from all over Europe who exhibited over 1,600 cars. From research to restoration with sometimes great adventures, car owners share with you the relationships they have created over the years, often with family members or their friends, the few struggles and successes they have experienced. This is the car we love, that of sharing, that of relationships across generations and lifestyles.

Jaguar Type E on the lake shore keys in Morges, Switzerland The representatives of the Gayden firm have once again surprised their customers and fans of the brand by occupying all of the gardens of the Château de Morges, to make it undoubtedly the favorite attraction of the 25,000 spectators of the event.

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