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Violeta takes us on her visit to this special place in Ibiza...

Spiritual Experience After walking 10 minutes on a small path lulled by the scent of pines, it's a shock, a slap: Es Vedra appears before me: majestic bathed by the sun, anchored in the depths of the Mediterranean and pointing towards the heavens!

An enigmatic energy emanates from Es Vedra. This is really very special, I sit on the edge of the cliff overlooking es Vedra and I feel soothed as overwhelmed by bliss!

The experience is unique and different for everyone 😇. Just take your time, be calm, open yourself to be receptive and you will feel Es Vedra. I whish all people could make it to this peaceful place to make our planet a better world. Perhaps you make it next time you will be in Ibiza?! How to go there It is always with great anticipation that I go to visit the nature icon of Ibiza. Es Vedra is located on the the West Coast of Ibiza, close to the beach of Cala d´Hort in the region of San Josep. The most convenient way to visit to Es Vedra is to leave your car or moto in the open-air parking in the heights of Cala d ´Hort - Google Maps Location.

Tip: The best time of the day to enjoy Es Vedra is to hit the sunset hour: between 20h30 in the Summer and 18h in the Winter. Sunsets behind Es Vedra are most specular. The viewing plateau can get a bit crowded at the sunset in the Summer but that´s also life! See you in Ibiza :) myths and facts

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