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Cocoq is a luxury concept home store in a large warehouse on the road from Ibiza town to Santa Eulalia. The airy space showcases numerous brands and craftsmen of handcrafted furniture, luxury furnishings, appliances, designer clothing, local and international arts and crafts.

This is a space offering the combination of interior design and architecture, presenting exclusive pieces, handmade ornaments and warming hardwoods. Cocoq seeks things hewn by nature, which mimic and echo its intrinsic and harmonious beauty. These objects are then transformed into a an elegant embodiment of fashion, highlighting the cretaive freshness and spiritual balance of the island.

Cocoq is a "Bohemian Chic" store, where two style trends are well-represented: 1 Morocco Observing and putting on display Moroccan artifacts makes sense in Ibiza when considering the island’s historical roots and the geographical proximity to Morocco. 2 India-Asia Hippies used to spend the winter in India and the summer in Ibiza where they sold their Indian finds at markets - cushions, fabrics, lamps, jewellery and furniture. Later, Bali, Indonesia and Thailand were added to the regular winter destinations. Asian artifacts joined the Indian ones. Note that nowadays the Buddah statues are no more the "IN-thing", as this icon has been used and abused in Ibiza... We have seen a lot of african artifacts like face masks emerging at Cocoq.

Combination: putting a beautiful hand-made piece of one of the styles above in a modren minimal space makes the room warm and homey.

Cocoq’s team of professionals, both architects and interior decorators, draftsmen, and designers oversee the creation of Ibiza styled houses. Real estate agents like PURE help clients to find their dream home and Cocoq imagines the interior and exterior decor to realise the owner’s home.

Cocoq Ibiza - Ctra. Ibiza to Santa Eulalia Km. 6.2 - Ca na Negreta, Ibiza - GoogleMaps location

tel +34 971 090 186

Open Monday to Saturday 10h-20h in the Summer, 10h-18h in the Winter

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