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Ibiza is Sunset Culture - Sunset Culture is Ibiza In Ibiza, you celebrate life to the fullest. It extends even to the celebration of the sunset. At around 18h, easy going and relaxed folk start to gather. And there is a special place: on the shores of San Antonio, legendary bars like Mambo or Café del Mar entertain large numbers every evening.

As the sun finally sets around 21h, the crowd cheers and gives a round of applause to the momentous closing of another day. Some might view this just as another sunset, but on Ibiza, time passes differently. As you hear the mutual appreciation and cheers, you are overwhelmed. You catch a glimpse of seeing the ordinary in an entirely new way; here, you are transformed by a little bit of magic.

This is Where it All Began... Cafe del Mar is the original sunset bar of Ibiza. Ramón Guiral Broto, Carlos Andreas and José Les opened this bar next to the port of San Antonio in June 1980 facing the marine sunset. The concept was simple: play music for the sunsets. By the 1990’s, it had become one of the most popular destination in Ibiza, while being the venue for events hosted by BBC Radio 1, Channel 4 and MTV. Nowadays DJs play from 16h a particular "Balearic" sound, mixing chill-out to house. Sometimes you can catch live music performances / singers. This is really an extraordinary cool and vibrant place.

TIP: go have a look inside the old bar, it has kept an funny excentric decoration.

CdM operates two large terraces with table service: "seafront terrace" and "bar terrace" both facing the sea and sunset. Just below on the shore there are a wooden steps to sit and enjoy your well deserved cocktail.


Music from Cafe del Mar : A Juwel in Ibiza´s Crown ! Café del Mar is possibly most known for its annual Chill-out and Chill-house albums series. The first official Cafe del Mar compilation was released in 1994. DJ José Padilla who became famous for his sunset sets created the first six volumes of Cafe del Mar compilation albums between 1994 and 1999. It was a global success and resulted in the original and most respected Chill-out music series. The success of the Chill-out CDs has turned Café del Mar into a world-recognised brand with several franchises all over the globe.

Café del Mar continues to produce quality Chill compilations. If you are a music producer and want CdM to consider your music for compilations/mixes, you can submit your material on their soundcloud page. TIP: On the Café del Mar website you can listen to their Radio channel and to extracts of the latest CdM albums. You can listen to the mixes in full length on Cafe Del Mar´s YouTube channel


Over forty years after its inception, masses still flock to this legendary spot to transcend the sun’s daily farewell into a romantic Balearic grand spectacle. If you whish to graps a bit the soul of Ibiza this is one of the places to visit.

TIP : To secure a table, it is advisable to reserve online or arrive 1 to 2 hours prior to dusk - in August, this is around 20h30. Free entry, it is a public space. Cafe del Mar - Carrer de Lepant 27 - 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany Google Location Tel +34 622 062855

Open daily from mid april until mid october from 16h to late

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