Updated: Oct 3, 2020

There are exceptional days-out to have in Ibiza. We are talking about a major attraction of Ibiza the white island. With its 220 km of coastline, Ibiza and Formentera offers a wide range of over 80 beaches and coves, all very beautiful in their own way and quite different from each other. Choosing the best one all depends on what you are looking for your day out. That is why we provide our selection of beaches and coves according to 3 categories: - beaches with family atmosphere - beaches where you find tranquility and possibly nudism - more fashionable beaches with animation Most of the beaches are reached by car within 45 minutes plus a short walk. We indicate when beaches need serious hiking before getting the cooling down plunge into the azure waters. Roads are of good quality and usually safe. Traffic congestions can occur in July and august. If you get in one stay relaxed as everybody else does. Note that the sun in Ibiza is quite strong, but you might not feel it due to the lovely breeze. After a few hours this can become a situation so you better wear a cap or a hat. We suggest you always keep a bottle of water with you or in your car. Also, if there would be a health situation on a beach, you can call 112 for emergency assistance. All set? Let´s dive in...


Cala San Vicente Located 10 minutes car drive from San Carlos in the north of the island, it is a fairly large sandy beach, with services and restaurants. There is car parking not far from the beach, but it it gets very busy in July and August. On the horizon you can see the Tagomago islet.It was one of the first beaches to develop family tourism in the 80s and remains one among the favorites of the Ibicenco people. It offers all kinds of services as loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, restaurants and souvenir shops. Out tip: our favorite eatery is the Boat House with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Location on Google Maps - Cala San Vincente


Located 8 km from San José, Cala Vadella (Cala Vedella in Ibicenco) is a wide white sand beach protected on its flanks by beautiful cliffs. A natural port with an area of ​​ fishermen sheds and dry docks for giving an authentic atmosphere. Car park in the summer months is not available close to the beach. There is some parking on the road “Carrer de sa Torassa” with a few minutes walking. Cala Vadella offers all the services with loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, jet ski rental, diving center, restaurants. Our tips: the renovated Beach Club Maya on the side of the beach with a classy terrace, or the traditional Restaurant María Luisa 30 years in service right on the beach, serving excellent paellas. Location on Google Maps: Cala Vadella

CALA LLENYA This large white sand beach is located 10 minutes car drive from San Carlos. It is around 200 m long, boarded on one side by red cliffs and on the other sides surrounded by forests. It offers shallow water ideal for children and there are spaces between pine trees for picnics while being protected from the sun. The car parking is fairly large at sea level in the forest and on the road leading to the beach. There are loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, changing cabins, toilets and a kiosk serving snacks and drinks but there is no restaurant. Location on Google Maps: Cala Llenya

Our tip: if you are going to Cala Llenya on a Sunday, there is a fun hippie market near-by. It is accessible from the beach, see the 10 minutes walk on the map above. Take the small path when facing the sea on your left hand. After a short hike up the cliff with some 50 stairs you keep walking straight ahead. After 100m and a left turn you reach a colorful flea-market with live music animation and stalls like in times gone-by.


A 10-minute drive from Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga is a spacious beach with fine sand with all the services as loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, showers, various restaurants and bars, shops, a diving school, a beach-volleyball playground , etc. There is a large car parking at the back of the village only 3 minutes walking.

You can´t miss the large building of hotels and apart-hotels very close to the seashore, but the beach is very pleasant for family vacations. Location on Google Maps: Cala Llonga Our tip: on the 3rd Sunday of September there is a very popular live music festival “Playing For Change” with 40 concerts right in the sand of Cala Llonga Beach. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/pfcdayibiza/


Located in the north of the island, Portinatx presents 3 beaches for family entertainment with a children's amusement park, pedal boats rentals in addition to all the beach services, loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, diving school, many restaurants and bars. Parking is on the side of main roads and can become very busy in July and August after 11h. Our tip: see on the map below, you can walk on a wooden path between the main beach and its second beach “Playa de Portinaxt”. Passing through the village 200m towards the north there is the smaller beach “Cala Portinatx” with Los Enamorados restaurant and hotel. From there, when walking a bit more north behind the beach by clear weather you can see the Spanish mainland.

The pleasant village of Portinaxt is lively at night in the Summer season and offers many possibilities for accommodation.

Location on Google Maps: Portinaxt Our secret tip: the smaller but excellent modern restaurant Rebrots located on the first beach is worth the walk on the wooden path.


With its neighboring Cala Saladeta, Cala Salada is one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza, located a few kilometres from San Antonio. Surrounded by a barely urbanized green environment, it has golden sand and crystal clear water that reflects bluish colors. During the July and August it is quite crowded and you have to park at 300m before a barrier that prevents cars from going down to the cove. If you are looking for more tranquility, you can walk 3 min passing by Cala Salada a winding path through the rocky cliff on the shore to reach Cala Saladeta.

In Cala Salada you will find all the services as loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, showers, restaurant, etc.

Location on Google Maps: Cala Salada


Between San José and San Antonio, Cala Bassa was awarded many times a blue flag for the quality of its water. As the beach has soft slope, the water temperature is quite warm. Parking is organised by the beach club just 200m from the beach and will cost a few euros per car per day. Upon arrival there is a rocky area that resembles a lunar landscape which adds further attraction to this cove.

It is a family beach with pedal boats rentals as well as very fashionable with the high quality services of the famous CBBC restaurants, cala bassa beach club. You can get your drinks and meal served on the beach at your lounger (for rent by the day), the offer extends to VIP bali beds, masseurs, jet skis, etc. Our tip: there is a Dj playing beach house at the main restaurant from around 12h to19h. So if you like it more familial choose your spot further away on the beach.

Location on Google Maps: Cala Bassa


Between San José and San Antonio, Cala Conta or "platjas del Comte" is made up of several smaller coves. There is a large free parking close to the beach, the later you arrive the further away you will be able to park. Count a maximum of 5 minutes walking. When you arrive on foot on the cliff you get a view of all the coves and you can choose your spot. In front of the beaches lay scenic islets S’Illa des Bosc.

With its 800 m length, its 2 rocky sides, crystal clear waters, Cala Conta is certainly one of the most beautiful places on Ibiza, also very famous for the sunsets, that you can enjoy in one of the 3 restaurants. This is why it gets very crowded in July and August , so it is better to arrive early or the other way around, quite late at 19h to enjoy the sunset at around 21h.

Our tip: A 20 years favorite on Cala Conta is Sunset Ashram, an Ibiza-freedom-style open air restaurant with live music or DJs from 18h. Location on Google Maps: Cala Conta

SA CALETA or Playa es Bol Nou

A few km from the airport, Sa Caleta is characterized by its firing red cliffs and crystal clear turquoise water. The beach is covered with pebbles stones, but the actual sea shore to get in the water is sand. There is a public car parking just off the beach. Sa Caleta is nature gem, there is only one restaurant Sa Caleta, famous among other things for Caleta coffee. So for kids there is not much entertainment on offer.

Our tips: To see this natural wonder from above you can walk up the path 50m and take a right just before the house. take the small path, through a tunnel you can see the entire cove. Going up further along the coastal cliffs there are archaeological ruins of a Phoenician settlement from 3000 years ago. It is worth to continue to stroll another 100m to see a large group of lovely authentic fisherman houses and dry docks. Location on Google Maps: Playa Sa Caleta


Located in the north of the island, 10 minutes from San Miguel, it is a beach made of gravel and sand with some authentic fishermen barracks on the sides. In the middle of the cove lays an original islet "Cap Bernat" or "finger of God". At sunset all eyes lock upon the falling sun, which meets the horizon at this large rock formation, jutting out from the sea. Note that it is not possible to park near the beach: to cater for the larger crowds on summer Sundays there is a bus service from 16h leaving from the Sa Plana parking, 6 km away. There are loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day, and 3 restaurants on the beach. Our tip 1: Elements Beach Restaurant is a quality reference in the region offering fusion Mediterranean-Asian cuisine, and has a separate pizzeria and a souvenir shop.

The fame of Benirras, in addition to the beauty comes from the presence of the hippies. There is a small market on Sundays and ... the tradition of the drumming. Our tip 2: Every Sunday afternoon, hippies and friends gather to celebrate the glorious sunset. The legendary drumming ritual has, at its heart, a profound history related to the generous spirit of tolerance. On Sunday August 18, 1991, known locally as “The Day of the Drums”, many hundreds gathered on Benirras beach, to protest against the first Gulf War in Iraq. This anti-war gathering later grew into a huge, free, annual event, attracting thousands of hippies and peace-lovers from all over the world. Since then, a dedicated collective of drummers have turned up faithfully every Sunday afternoons at Benirras to continue the tradition and drum together. During the summer, they attract crowds of people who sit and gaze at the scene in wonder or rise to their feet charmed by the freedom, the beauty and the natural magnificence of the scene.

Location on Google Maps: Cala Benirras


Spending a day in Formentera is a heavenly experience that will make you feel on the other side of the world. Two beaches in particular are considered as jewels of the Mediterranean.

Ses Isletes is a 500 m long beauty, located in the north of Formentera, with white sand and crystal clear waters. This is the reason why Formentera is called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. The beach managed to make any international travel guide put it on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From the beach there are spectacular views of various islets and Ibiza. When coming by car, motorcycle or bike, you will have to park a little before the beach since parking is prohibited next to the beach. There are 3 beach restaurants and you can practice sailing, diving, snorkeling, etc. This thin stretch of land is a wild and preserved landscape. Laying your towel on the strip of sand that separates Ses Illetes from Levante beach is a fabulous experience. Local myth says the purity and clarity of the sea comes from the Posidonia meadow below the water. Very old living things,these plants are protected and were declared World Heritage by Unesco. The posidonia filters the sea water and returns it almost pure.

Although very busy in July and August with yachts, celebrities and millionaires at the fashionable beach restaurants, the fairly long beach allows you to find quiet spaces even for nudism.

Location on Google Maps: Ses Illetes Formentera Our tip: if you have rented a boat try to go to S’Espalmador, a small islet of 3 square km very close to Ses Illetes. You can also go by swimming, or even by walk when the tide is very low.

Our tip: If you like a more festive atmosphere Beso Beach Formentera located a bit further down the beach. They have a DJ who pumps-up the volume after lunch.


In the south of Formentera, close to the village of San Francesc, Migjorn is a long beach extending over 4 km. Despite being very busy in certain s everyone can find his own spot. It is a mixture of sandy beaches and coves with sand and rocks, each with its own name and access. Protected from the winds it is ideal for families and children, especially in the area called Es Arenals. This dune system surrounded by pines and juniper trees has a wooden walkway that allows you to visit the entire area. There are corners for nudists and water sport services. Some of the 14 beach restaurants and bars offer loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day Location on Google Maps: Playa Migjorn Formentera

Our tip: in addition to come for a day, enjoy the sunset, the night under the starry sky and the magic of Formentera´s nature.



About 10 minutes by car from San Carlos, Aguas Blancas is one of the favorite beaches of island residents. There is a short but steep walk from the quite small public car park at the top of the cove. This allows for less traffic than in other coves and guarantees a certain tranquility. Further parking is done on the road leading to the location. Protected by beautifully colored high cliffs with pristine surroundings, the beach is of fine soft golden sand. The seabed is also sandy but scattered with some rocks. A gentle slope allows you to walk through the water for a long time. It is a nudist and free-spirit beach but people with swimming trunks are also welcome. By wetting the walls of the grayish mineral cliffs, you can make yourself a healthy mud bath with the collected paste. There is an authentic beach bar and restaurant often frequented by hippies. Our tip 1: There can be some rough winds here, which allow windsurfing and kitesurfing. Our tip 2: Like on all the beaches located on the east side of the island, the sun disappears quite early in the afternoon around 17h in the summer. It is a perfect morning or sun rise beach. Location on Google Maps: Aguas Blancas


About 5 km from San Carlos, Cala Boix is ​​characterized by its 150 m wide strip of fine black sand. Dark sandy beaches are atypical in Ibiza and Cala Boix is ​​the best known. It has a very gentle slope; you will walk a bit in the water to reach a depth to get covered by it. The car parking is just at the top of the cove, you go down to the beach taking a few steps.

There is a beach restaurant right on the sand offering loungers and umbrellas for rent by the day. Back at the car parking level there is another restaurant. Some nudism is practiced at the end of the beach.

Location on Google Maps: Cala Boix


This natural port in the northeast of Ibiza 12 km from Santa Eulalia is a great place with several coves and fishermen's barracks. You can do some hikes on the rocks where you can stretch out in the sun and dive to snorkel around. Off at sea in front of you is the private Tagomago islet. The water is transparent with an intense emerald color in midst a beautiful landscape. Make sure you go see the large opening dug by the waves in the cliffs looking like a stone bridge. The well that gives its name to the cove is located by the sea at a height of two meters but a storm in January 2020 collapsed its entrance and possibilities for renovation are being studied by authorities. Behind the fishermen´s huts are three restaurants - beach bars.

Nudism is practiced in some areas of the rocks.

Location on Google Maps: Pou des Lleo


This large 1 km long sandy beach close to Ibiza town and the airport is set inside the natural reserve of Ses Salines. Sand dunes are left here to develop on their own protected and a green belt of mounds. You can get good winds in Es Cavallet great for surfers.

The name of Es Cavallet (little horse in Spanish) comes as years ago these animals were in charge of turning the water pump wheel that is right at the entrance or the beach. The water was used to fill the flat ponds to produce the famous salt of Ibiza. Of course nowadays this process is mechanized but salt is still produced. Es Cavallet was the first nudist beach in Ibiza and one of the pioneers in the country.

Its white sand, the turquoise tones of the sea and its absence of buildings make Es Cavallet a true paradise. Despite being very popular, its dimensions allow tranquility. At the left hand side of the beach (when looking at the sea) you have two excellent restaurants both offering loungers and umbrellas: the Chiringuito and La Escollera. In the middle of the beach, you will find the Chiringay beach bar with many LGBT fans and friends. It is one the favorite beaches of the gay community at international level.

Location on Google Maps: Es Cavallet


Ibiza hosts some of the most famous and cosmopolitan beaches of the mediterranean. All of these beach clubs offer food service at you lounger or Bali bed, masseurs, water sports, tendering transfer and catering delivery to the mooring yachts.

So here our guide for best places to have your sunny seaside party...

As said above, there is also a high quality and VIP offer Calabassa Beach Club.

SOL D’EN SERRA - AMANTE Located 6 km from Santa Eulalia just beyond Cala Llonga, there is a large car parking just atop the stairs leading down to the beach. This large semicircular cove of over 800 m has boulders (the so-called codols in Ibiza) at the foot of a long cliff with some stretches of sand. Transparent waters great for snorkeling, and do not forget your water shoes as the stones of the beach can be a bit uncomfortable. In the summer season this remote beautiful abrupt scenery giving a “fine and private” feeling is a place for adults. Once Amante is closed, out of season, the cove gives you peace of mind. Nested in the cove is the excellent restaurant beach club "Amante" that provides quality services to its select clientèle, loungers, umbrellas, Balibeds for rent by the day, and diving.

Our tip: at the parking level at the top there is path to the “mirador” a superb viewpoint to make cool selfies with the cliffs and sea as your dramatic backdrop.

Location on Google Maps: Sol D´en Serra- Amante Beach


A beautiful peddle stones beach, popular with luxury yachts clients, in an environment of pine trees and cliffs... Nice. Located 10 km from San José, not far from the airport, Cala Jondal is 300m long. Cala Jondal is one of the leading beaches in Ibiza with a selection of quality beach clubs with their share of VIP customers. To facilitate access to the sea, some beach clubs have created sandy areas. There are extensive free car parks behind the beach clubs, allow one minute walking on flat terrain.

The most famous spot is Blue Marlin with its bustling restaurant and beach club, its traditional restaurant Yemanja. Blue Marlin has become over the last 15 years a key brand of Ibiza, exporting the Balearic feel-good sensation to the world. It has developed a strong house music offer with world renowned DJs attracting friends of electronic music, celebrities and VIPs. Most popular parties are on Sundays afternoon. Food quality in a relaxed setting is found at Tropicana a family-run beach club with lots of customers from Ibiza, residents and fans of the location. The newest arrival is star-cook Rafa Zafra with its eatery Jondal pushing the limits becoming a successful gastronomic beach club.

Location on Google Maps: Cala Jondal


Salinas beach is a large beach in the nature reserve Ses Salines close to the airport. It owes its name to the large flat land where the sea is allowed and to let to evaporate to obtain sea salt. The beach is one km of fine sand with warm turquoise shallow waters, with a slow slope going down. You have to walk through this flat zone to swim in deeper waters. Extensive car parks are close to the beach clubs and cost a few euro per day per car. To get to the last beach restaurant Sa Trinxa you will have to walk 300m on the beach.

Many tourists come to Salinas to enjoy not only the beach but also the beach clubs that play music and you can dance on the sand. The most fun ones are: Sa Trinxa a wilder Ibiza authentic, Besobeach is quite classy, and the classic Jockey Club is relaxed. Note: at the end of Salinas, towards Es Cavallet, after Sa Trinxa beach restaurant, there is a small nudist cove.

Location on Google Maps: Salinas Beach


The largest beach on the island stretches over almost 4 km west of Ibiza town. It is the beach of the “beach-clubbers” with a dozen entertainment restaurants and of the "party-goers" as internationally famous clubs like Ushuaïa and Club are located here. Practical: large free public parking is available behind Sirenis shoping centre. Next to Hï there is a paid guarded parking. Meanwhile, the sea stays clear and turquoise except on windy days when the sand gets stirred-up.

Playa d’en Bossa offers any kind of facilities to a broad international clientele: car and cycle rental, catamaran, paddle, jet skis, shopping, massage, all kinds of food, etc, etc.

During the season, Playa d’en Bossa is filled with fans of electronic music that can be heard both in beach clubs, then later in music bars and finally in mega nightclubs.

Note that Playa d'en Bossa offers all the tranquility in the world from November to April. Location on Google maps: Playa D´en Bossa

This closes this article on "main stream" and easy to find beaches of Ibiza. There are many more private and secluded beaches, but these are usually more difficult to reach and to find. The key takeaways are:

- there are exceptional days-out to have on the various beaches of Ibiza

- decide on which beach you go depending on what you are looking for - practical: most of the sites are reached under 45 minutes from anywhere on Island

You are now set to go explore in a relaxed way the best beaches of Ibiza, the feel-good and freedom island! Let us all know in the comments your own experiences and discoveries of secret beaches.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.